is used as the administrative IP address on some brands of home network routers, namely Netgear, D-Link and Arris. This address is not accessible through the outside Internet and is often the default gateway out of the box.

The user can access the router settings by entering the address in a web browser. At this point, the user will need to enter a username and password, which can vary but is most often “admin” and a simple string of numbers like “1234.” It is best practice to change these settings to something more complex to restrict access to the router configuration.

The reason is used so often is because the IP is private as are all addresses in the 192.168.x.x range, which can only be assigned to devices that connect with a network. It should be noted that this IP can be assigned to only one device although the IP itself can be used on multiple networks.

The gateway address serves as the IP for a router or other internal network device. The router manual will reveal what the gateway address is, which may be or a common variation like Changing a router’s gateway address to something less common is very easy to do by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is possible to run into problems using this IP address. Since it is commonly used, it may be necessary to change either the gateway or the username and password for better security. The user may also want to change the router’s configuration and LAN settings. These features can be changed by navigating directly to the IP address and accessing the router’s administration area. plays a crucial role with routers, networks and the devices that connect to them. The user should learn as much as possible about this address to maintain proper security and simplify troubleshooting.