How to configure Tp-link 740 wireless Router?

The TP-Link 740 is a wireless combination router that enables both wired and wireless devices to connect to a local network. The router’s four port switch allows up to four wired devices to share a single Internet connection. In addition, it is compatible with the 802.11 wireless protocol and provides speeds of up to 150 Mbps. As a result, you can enjoy online gaming, video streaming and VoIP communication without worrying about losing the connection. The router also enhances the wireless signal by using Clear Channel Assessment technology, which prevents channel conflicts by binding clear wireless channels to improve wireless performance.

When you are ready to create your new wireless network, you can set up the TP-Link 740 wireless router by using the Quick Setup utility. In general, you can access the Setup utility for most routers by typing into a new browser window. However, to launch the TP-Link 740’s utility, type into the address bar instead of the more common When the Login dialog window appears, type admin into both empty fields to open the Quick Setup wizard.

Click the Next button to start the wizard and then select the appropriate answers to set up the router. For example, you can enter a personal name for your new wireless network in the Wireless Network Name field of the wizard’s Wireless section. In addition, you can also password-protect your wireless network from the Wireless section.

Click the Finish button when you are finished setting up your router through the Quick Setup wizard. The router’s Web Interface utility automatically opens after you successfully complete the wizard. You can further configure the device by selecting the appropriate setting on the left side of the Web Interface utility. For example, select Parental Control to access the Parental Control settings for your wireless network. Click the Save button after you edit the settings to save the new configuration.

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